Let us help you find that perfect equine partner!

Making the decision to purchase a new horse is exciting but can also be intimidating!  

Gina Miles has the experience and contacts throughout California, the United States and all over Europe to help you find the perfect horse.  We believe that the right partnership does not happen by accident, but rather by careful consideration, research and assessment.  There are many good horses and many good riders, but the right pairing can produce a GREAT partnership!


Some successful Horse/Rider combinations GME has put together:

Maddie Smith and Elfenwind

Clair Poch and Carrot Cake


Julia Melmon and Envy Me RR

Kaitlin Vosseler and Jameson

Kaley Sapper and Tuscan Sun

Lauren Burnell and Counterpoint

Florence Miller and Graf Gerhardt

Haley Dwight and Donna Mira

Charlee Marinovich and Dassett Theme BCF

Zachary Brandt and Cavalino Cocktail

Haley Dwight and Jameson

Neely Ashley and Millie

Lauren Burnell and Arnell’s Bugatti

Lauren Burnell and Great Bourton (Orion de Trebox Z)

Maxance McManamy and Beacon Hill

Maxance McManamy and Project Runway